Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good Website for a Good Start

How often do you make first impression about any person or company looking at the website? I’m damn sure very often. So make your company website really good!

What all is required to say that a website is good? Here are certain brief points:

  • It should contain all due information about company’s expertise, domain, founders, where is it located.
  • If the bounce rate is high then it is high time to consider revising your website. Thanks to Google Analytics for letting us know the statistics of page visits! A good website makes you stay on it.
  • Pages should be updated regularly. Update the site timely to provide latest info about the company.
  • It will be an add-on if the website is made with attractive graphics. Folks do believe in ‘What you see is what you get’.

So get cracking on making your startup website nicer.

1 comment:

  1. In modern complexities, for starting business, good website is a prerequisite.