Friday, 15 October 2010

LinkedIn Recruitment Tool (unofficial)

In between this blog will also showcase some of the ideas like this:
 LinkedIn Recruitment Tool
1. Targeted to help recruitment professionals in segregating profiles from LinkedIn.
2. Bookmark public profiles (you do not have to request for a connection).
3. Assign categories to profiles. This is helpful in order to review/keep track of filtered profiles.
4. Add notes to profiles (e.g. number of years of experience).
5. Ease of maintaining candidates' info by saving their email and contact numbers.
6. Delete profiles from your list if you don't need them.
7. Offline access to your saved data. You can access your saved data without internet connection.
8. Remember Search button is not the ultimate solution when you have better tools available like this!
Click on the extension icon after you have browsed a LinkedIn public profile.
It will take you to the options page where you can enter the data you want to save.

Once you are done with your changes click on the save button(Close this new tab and continue with LinkedIn for more candidates).

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