Saturday, 16 October 2010

Overcoming Frustrations in Entrepreneurial Phase

Why is overcoming frustrations being spoken about specifically for entrepreneurs? Is frustration in this phase different than those who encounter it when their business has already flourished? No, just that the experienced ones have found their own ways of dealing with frustrations!

First and foremost is to always keep on affirming positive things. Mind is the ultimate controller of you. You need to make conscious efforts of keeping it in optimistic state until it becomes a habit. Kill the frustration in your conscious mind itself so that it does not even enter your subconscious mind!

Frustration is a side-effect of facing an unexpected unpleasant/difficult situation or problem. In fact no situation in itself is good or bad. It is our mind’s perception that makes it good or bad. So eradicate the thought that whatever you are facing is unpleasant. The solution to our problem might be quiet simple. But the state of frustration stops us from thinking rationally. Take a break from your thoughts trying hard to get solution. This break can be as small as looking at something that you like and cherish a lot or bigger one like taking a round in garden! Just that the continuous lopsided thought process needs be cut off totally. At times when despite all this you don’t find solution consider getting help. This does not raise a question on your ability, but that someone’s experience or suggestion might prove to be valuable!

Another cause of frustration is imbalance of time/efforts versus its results. You expected results in proportion to the efforts that you’d put in, but results are apparently smaller. In such situations you can take it as learning as to what task to undertake and what to refuse. But as an entrepreneur you cannot start with refusals. So better do no repeatedly equate outcome against efforts and do not regret about your decision.

While in state of frustration you are most likely to forget that you’ve to repeat affirmations, take a break or recollect your success moments. So till it becomes a habit jot down what all helps you getting rid of frustration. Keep the points in a place that is visible to you and preferably to no one else (someone looking at it might poke fun at you due to which you would likely throw it off!). Be totally firm that you would not allow frustrations to stop you from setting further tasks or goals!

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