Wednesday, 6 October 2010

People Management for Entrepreneurs

This is what I’m consciously focusing on these days. Just peep out from your normal work routine and there you see how important this is!

It is not just for managers but for any entrepreneur managing employees and dealing with people plays a vital role. You should be soft spoken at times while need to be equally upfront at other times. Irrespective of field it is ultimately the people who have to deal with. To convey anything properly it is mandatory to have good verbal as well as written communication.

Entrepreneurs should be the epitome of optimism. It is required to maintain positive thoughts despite set-backs. The environment or business meeting might affect your mood....but let that not affect your interactions with your colleagues. In a startup there is no such defined reporting hierarchy as in case of big organizations. So one person has to fit into multiple roles. Such environment asks you to manage people effectively as well as achieve the work delivery dates. If you cannot manage employees well they'll be doing work just as a duty and will have no sense of ownership and responsibility. 

To get best results and keep the staff happy get cracking on people management front!

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