Friday, 8 October 2010

Self-confidence and Motivation

If you fall in diffident category don’t even think of stepping into entrepreneurial world! Achievements during job phase or academics can also contribute to build up self-confidence. Successful entrepreneurs are those who believe more in themselves and their abilities than treating it as a luck-game or gambling.

Advices are free of'll get to hear many as soon as you utter you've shifted your career as an entrepreneur from routine job one! It is interesting to note that most of these advices and suggestions will crush your enthusiasm and motivation- do you need a job; I can help you, we are not here for charity, how much are you earning now and so on.... I must appreciate the knack some people have in conveying all this that you lose all your confidence and faith (wish I could tell them upfront- you can sell comb to a bald, go into marketing ;)  ). You can either counter such folks, which may spoil your relations, or better turn deaf ears to them without letting their words hurt your confidence. Choice is yours :)

It is easy to get frustrated while it is equally difficult to keep one’s spirits high despite hiccups. If the leader is motivated he can motivate others in his team. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall! Aim to double your motivation level every time you rise from a fall. Affirmations can also help you remain unperturbed. Ultimately conscious mind influence our subconscious mind (...........& this subconscious mind has got a key to success!). I'm successful, I'm success; I'm confident, I'm confidence!!!