Sunday, 21 November 2010

Can be or Should be an Entrepreneur?

Who can be an entrepreneur? There is no written rule about it. But there are certain qualities commonly found among entrepreneurs. They have aspiration to convert their ideas into implementation, are hard-working, high self-confidence, self-motivated and innovative at thinking (and actually many more qualities to this list!). The mentioned traits are a must to have within a person who wants to be an entrepreneur. Most of the other qualities which are required for being an entrepreneur may not be necessarily intrinsic within a person, but can be definitely developed. 

What if you are innovative, hard-working, confident and motivated then should you be an entrepreneur? If you have a good job and happy doing what is assigned to you should you be an entrepreneur? Entrepreneur needs be have tremendous urge to work on his ideas and ability to take risks. (If you are not very comfortable doing just what is assigned to you and considering your boss's wish as command, then it is an add-on!). Are you open for change and can handle pressure and risks? If your answers are affirmative then you should be an entrepreneur!

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