Sunday, 14 November 2010

Drill Down the Web

Web is a huge storehouse of knowledge. Plenty of info is available as per your need. So why reinvent the wheel when others have already studied or experienced things. I do not totally agree with the proverb 'Experience is the best teacher'. Learning from other's experience is also a very teacher. Time is not unlimited with you to yourself experience everything! It is worth appreciating that people share their knowledge on web via various media like blogs or wiki.

Right from SWOT analysis and preparing a business plan to executing a plan, template and guidelines are available. You can even do market research with data on web. If you are planning to build a product you can study and understand what similar solutions are already existing in market. Many a times discussion forums can give you idea about what add-on feature should you provide in your product to make it stand out from the rest and appeal to users.

You'll get guidance about every action step on your entrepreneurial path from web content. Efficient use of it is equally crucial. During our job or college life we tend to spend countless time on networking sites. But as an entrepreneur you cannot afford that!Even though networking is important you should be firm not to waste your time on them. Networking sites are very addictive. For that reason I liked one of the chrome extensions which automatically stops traffic from networking sites after a fixed time interval.

Web is a 'khazana', utilise it to your best!

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