Friday, 19 November 2010

Money as Goal of Business

I came across this statement written in bold letters at an entrepreneurship training institute- 'Join this course only if you have tremendous urge for money'! I was stunned by reading this. My perception about entrepreneur was totally different. Thankfully that perception of mine has not got modified till date!

Entrepreneur has urge for converting ideas into reality. That materialization is the real success. There might be other driving forces contributing to entrepreneurship like undertaking challenges or keen for change. You can consider money as one sweet fruit that you get along with your success. These days many people equate success to earning money. If that was the case then there are many more easier ways to earn money than stepping into entrepreneurship!! (No need to classify the ways as good or bad in that case ;)  )

When I asked a businessman whether money his main motto behind starting business, he poked fun at me saying no one is doing business for charity. Though I do agree that entrepreneurship is not for charity but setting ultimate goal as money will make your entrepreneurial roller coaster path even more difficult. Firstly because your concentration is diverted at two things at a time- work as well as money. Secondly any loss or unexpected failure of business is likely to upset you. Entrepreneur should be able ever motivated and not disturbed by ups and downs. And even if money is indeed your real goal just ensure that it does not distract you!

Even today I'm keen to hear from successful entrepreneurs what is(and was) their real objective on this path.

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