Monday, 8 November 2010

Prioritize your Tasks

This can be considered as sequel of 'Time Management for Entrepreneurs' but explicitly focusing on prioritization of tasks. Success depends more on how smart you work than how hard you work. Setting up priority for your action items and undertaking them in accordance will help you work smarter.

The very first step is to jot down all your ToDos (It is usually good to consider week wise tasks). Against every ToDo write down the date of completion that has been committed or demanded by project plan. There might be certain action items which are interdependent or because of same resource involved need to be done one after the other. For this purpose it is helpful to categorize tasks as urgent or not urgent and important or unimportant. Whole of the set of tasks falls into either of the subsets created by convergence of importance and urgency.

The firefighting tasks fall into urgent and important block. If delivering something within committed time(deadline which is close by!) is going to give you cashflow then it belongs to this category. Urgent but not important are a collection of tasks like promptly replying to emails, attending calls for queries. It sounds odd to hear tasks also belong to not urgent but important category, but they do really speaking. Planning for a project, may it be setting phase by phase delivery plan or resource allocation, is extremely important but not urgent since the deadline is far off. Tasks which neither have urgency nor have much importance should not be removed from list. They have their own value which may not be seen immediately. It can include activities like updating yourself about new product releases or social networking.

Now once you've the list of tasks with their expected/crossed due dates and their urgency levels you can order your ToDos with their priorities. If there is some not so urgent task but which has dependents which have high importance or urgency then you should prioritize it up in the list. Finishing this activity will many important doors. Let's start working in organized and first things must come first fashion for better efficiency!

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