Thursday, 4 November 2010

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

A major change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur is you are yourself responsible for optimum utilization of time. In being an employee your day's scheduled is monitored by project plan, client's priority issues or your boss! As an entrepreneur we cannot afford to spend day just surfing net aimlessly.

Your tomorrow's task and schedule should be planned today. Don't tightly pack your day while chalking out the schedule. Keep some buffer as there will be interruptions and urgent issues to be taken care of which need your involvement. Prioritize your tasks, like you've to meet a prospective client at a particular time which is your top priority, then rearrange your work to achieve this. At the end of day mark out what all from you target list has been achieved. Brief analysis of total targeted tasks vs. actual achieved will help you plan in better and realistic way in near future.

If you are self employed and the sole person working then time management is a bigger challenge. You've your personal or household work on one hand while professional work on the other! You've to be stringent about what to do when. 

I've found Google Calendar and Gmail's Task very helpful- mark your time, strike it off once done and much more. Day ends with enormous satisfaction if all the properly lined up tasks get accomplished! 

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