Sunday, 14 November 2010

When should you Decide to Quit your Job

It has been an evergreen topic of discussion- when should you quit your job and step into the entrepreneurial world. Those with contemporary thinking suggest that you should have earned enough money from your job so as to take care of your future. I gave thought on when should I call what I have as 'enough'. It dawned to me that in maximum cases answer will be 'never'! 

As our job experience and earning increases our hesitance to take such a big step of quitting job becomes tremendous. Also we get so used to doing what has been assigned to us rather than we doing with our own initiative that our inertia to step into a whole new world becomes greater. Industry experience that you gain from your job is of course useful to you as an entrepreneur.

In my opinion no time is a bad time to step into entrepreneurship. But just that you should have done some home work related to entrepreneurship while you are already doing job. Market research, preparing business plan, registering your company, disciplining yourself to achieve your targeted daily tasks are some of those things. Apart from these you should be familiar with things that you'll or most entrepreneurs need as they grow- rounds of funding, negotiating with clients or investors, maximum expenditure on acquiring a customer and so on. You should be well acquainted with terminologies used.

If you are done well with your entrepreneurial homework, have a realistic plan (industry experience will be an add-on) and are highly motivated who can motivate others too then thumbs up to you to quit your job and be an entrepreneur!

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