Thursday, 23 December 2010

Idea Sense

We are surrounded by ideas from all sides. In fact so much that ideas float around us like air! Many a times we even don't tag an idea as 'idea' and don't pay heed to it. But the same idea converted into implementation can bloom. Had you imagined sharing what is in your mind(or rather 'on' your mind) a few years ago? The same would have appeared stupid that time, but now see how much it has flourished. You can tweet, chirp (or even bark!!) what you feel about literally anything.

It needs a sense to grasp and conceive ideas. To utilize an idea you need a bit of foresight. To foresee what might be useful to janata is one part. The other part is making the materialization of our idea appealing to users. The appeal factor plays a vital role in acceptance of what we've built. Repetition is one of the ways that we bombard use of something and make others use it. You've to make them realize how useful and fruitful your product is. Afterall idea cannot be good or bad.

Not necessarily we get ideas from folks belonging to our stream. It can be anyone whom we interact with that leads to triggering of idea in our minds. Some people prefer to go in seclusion to think of an idea while in most of the cases, in my opinion, it just clicks anytime anywhere. The more I try to think of an idea the less it comes to my mind.

It is all about having a perspective of looking at an idea.....that decides whether to cultivate it or simply leave it. Ignite the ideas by implementing them and get them cracking and flying high!

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