Friday, 10 December 2010

MBA Required for an Entrepreneur?

If you are applying for job (especially in Indian industry) you'll be considered eligible if certain checkboxes are checked. One of those checkboxes is having some xyz degree. Not all the employees in Google or Facebook have a degree while I wonder if there is anyone in Infosys or IBM without a degree! There is big difference in approaches though all these are counted as successful companies. The question here arises whether the positions are given based on degrees or based on abilities!

Doing management prior to your step into the entrepreneurial world will lay basic foundation and give you guideline about which skill-sets you need to sharpen. If you are doing management from reputed institution then there is high possibility that you'll get the required "environment". That environment is a result of aspiring entrepreneurs around you, mentors to share their business experiences, encouragement for innovation, competitive feeling and much more! Having known about Dos and Don'ts will of course keep you at a distance from n number of pitfalls.

There is also a counter thought that we can learn almost everything from experience. We need not go for formal management training. We learn a lot(more) from hands-on experience....(plus get the "experienced" tag against your name, though not degree!). 

After all was Microsoft or Apple started by folks who had degrees?

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