Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Quitting Entrepreneurship for a Lucrative Job

Have you even been in such a dilemma- you're an entrepreneur and have high aspirations of doing good in it but get a very luring job offer. Should you go for the job offer or say strict NO to it?

There cannot be a rule of thumb which can decide go or no-go for job. Certain things can be taken into consideration while taking this decision. In the following listed scenarios I'll opt for job. I've spent more than enough time, which again is my own deadline and target, and not able to achieve even a bit of what I aspired for! I know I need to adopt knack of certain things as an entrepreneur, but this job is offering me role where I'll get deep insight in such areas. My re-entrance as an entrepreneur after this job will give me better path. Lastly if my entrepreneurial journey so far has arrived me at conclusion that it is not my cup of tea, then a complete green signal for the offer!

On the other hand I'll have strict No for the offer if I have high aspirations as an entrepreneur and feel that doing job will deviate me. The job might be offering me good remuneration but the role is again what I already have hands-on of and no new exposure. I'm not constrained by any factors like time, time and/or money allows me invest me more of it with calculated risk.

Whatever be my decision, whether to accept the offer or not, I'll not forget that after all my stint as an entrepreneur is a major factor in giving me the lucrative job! 

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