Monday, 3 January 2011

Are We Creating Managers and Not Leaders?

These days industries are heavily managed and poorly led. May be it is because of predefined criteria for choosing managers which are usually- number of years of experience, some management related certification, number of years with a company to go up the hierarchy, and not from their leadership skills. This has got so much ingrained that importance of leaders is hardly ever realized and raises question do we even require a leader!

Managers are in place for following processes. This includes getting work done from subordinates in a defined time and methodology. Subordinates do listen to them. But that does not mean that subordinates are happy accepting and doing what has been instructed by their managers. On the contrary people follow the leader voluntarily and happily accept or question their leaders. This relation between leader and followers is of course two ways and the 'people binding' bonds are strong.

Look at most of the people around you at your workplace. Most of them you'll find whining and cribbing. This would not have been the case if real leaders would have played roles of managers (of course there is a small subset of folks who have the habit of cribbing and hence will crib anywhere and forever!).

If we look at real leaders we'll notice they never tell the dos and don'ts. In fact they themselves are the icons whom others follow. A person cannot become a leader just by doing some certification or course. At the most the dormant leader in a person can be awakened. A good leader inspires, motivates and drives others.

Will the industry not benefit if leaders become the managers? Or do we require mere managers and not leaders?

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  1. Here is a nice comment that I received as email:
    That article on 'leaders vs managers' - its very true, I dont know why we are growing corporate like managerial structure which is not positively inspiring to new comers. My definition is
    manager = leader - soul :-) ...........Anyway, its great that you have understood so much about these things so young - keep it up!
    I soon hope to read more of your articles.

    Your new blog fan