Friday, 14 January 2011

Branding Blunder

Have you ever noticed an ad board for tuitions which says 'xyz English Tutions'? I do have, not just once but many times. On at least a person like me it leaves a negative impression- what English will they teach if they themselves cannot spell words correctly! Still I'll say these boards are limited to certain extent like in the locality or at the most in that city. I spare them(not totally, just a bit) saying they've not gone to internet world yet. Once they go online they'll realize importance of correct spellings. But OMG I encounter such typos on net too. Here is one of them:

I was posting a question at a forum today when it popped up a list of Dos and Don'ts in the site. Have a look:

They are advicing users on the front of proper grammar and spellings and themselves don't follow it! If these would have been hand written things we can say there are no tools like spell check. The presence of that content on site and that too not as an image but as a text implies it has been typed. Most of the editors have spell check facility. If you are using Word then spell check is On by default. Do we turn deaf ears and blind eyes to those too?

These were just few. Open your eyes you'll find many. Truly itself most of the times is not written with the real truth in it which is why is gets converted to 'truely'!

I've noticed these issues mainly with Indian brands. Spelling and grammatical mistakes darken the image of the brand. They act as blunders! The mistakes in offer letter or relieving letter still are restricted to your people network. But remember web is open for all!!

Disclaimer: I apologize in case the images posted in my blog resemble(or are actually from) website which you own. They are taken just as examples and not with the intention of maligning image of any website/brand. 


  1. hehe..good observation Anuja.. !! But having a high profile carrier (sigh!!!) or having great colligues(grrr!!!) in office are on top of my list so far !

  2. Above comment has rightly pointed out.I came across this today-'Carrer in Animation, Choose from India's top institutes'!I googled for 'carrer' and got some results with carrer in ads!! And yes those were Indian ones!!!

  3. Thanks Anjali and Tech.
    Looking at the poor level I think everyone should use 'Tata Sky- Active English' ;)