Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chrome as a Container

Google Chrome has broken the bars of predefined area of browsers which was till now just for browsing internet data. Now you can view data while you are offline, which is powered by localstorage of Chrome. So visualize it as a browser with its own mini-database. There are n number of Chrome extensions and apps being developed. You'll get the idea by looking at the vastness of Chrome web store.

Let us look at some of the features that Chrome provides. Press Shift-exc and you'll see task manager related to Chrome. You see which tab/app is occupying how much of memory. If one tab is not responding do not end the complete browser, just that very tab!Similar is the case with Windows task manager- each Chrome tab appears as different process. The url box at the top of browser itself works as a search box. This frees the browser from reserving area for 2 textboxes. You may argue that even 2 boxes are fine for you. But don't you want camera, radio, music player etc. all in your mobile.........despite the fact that there are separate gadgets available for separate functionalities.

You can create desktop/start menu shortcut for any of the web pages. Isn't it very much like the folder/file feature? And of course a very important feature to mention- support for HTML5! This gives user the experience of 3D effect in everything.

So change your persective of Chrome...if you still think it anything lesser than a container! Interested in knowing more features of Chrome?....Stay tuned with upcoming posts.

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