Monday, 24 January 2011

Keep Mind Engaged!

It sounds very 'schoolish' essay kind of thing to write- An empty mind is devil's workshop......... the more of proverbs, the more of marks you fetch! The proverb holds great truth and rule of thumb in itself (never realized this fact when the proverb was being taught!!).

When ideas and thoughts related to them dwell in mind it is for sure going to give you constructive outcome. Outcome may be direct or indirect. Direct might be like triggering of another idea or feature. You sit at work and your work gets completed faster since you'd already thought how to do it is an indirect outcome in form of increased productivity. But filling mind with some positive thought is not that easy. Try this out- close your eyes and instruct your mind not to think about monkey. And oh you'll get to see so many monkeys!! I'm serious, not kidding (I often experience this reverse kind of behavior of mind). Mind needs to be trained to make it occupied with ideas. Big question- How. I adopt the technique of (re-re-re)enforcing, if unwanted thought occupies mind I simply replace it with the wanted one as soon as I realize! Do you have any other technique?

My dad used to bombard during academic years that 1 hour of reading should be followed by 2 hours of writing and 4 hours of thinking. Yes it really helps. Apparently you are not studying or working but in reality the thought process is running in the backdrop.

So what are you going to opt, all time actual work or keeping mind engaged with ideas?

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