Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Mania of Deals

It is not just in papers that we are looking for coupons and deals now. Now it is on internet too!

After Google failed to acquire Groupon everyone started smelling the next big thing on net. Groupon is valued in billion dollars! Restaurants are running out of stock.....hmmm many folks are having party time, buying stuff at much cheaper rates. There comes a big climax to the story of Groupon getting acquired, Groupon itself is acquiring local clones! India's, a discount deals offering site and Germany's CityDeal are amongst that list.

In the growing world of e-commerce every second shopping website offers deals. Amazon also offers deals- Deals and Bargains. Some times discounts while some times free shipping! Now a days deals have also turned location-aware. You are being shown deals in and around your place. For every device there are apps offering you deals, be it iPad or iPhone or Android! There is nothing to be surprised if social networking sites also try to enter into the same. It is most foreseen that very soon we'll get to see giants like Facebook or Twitter entering into discounts. People use Twitter to tweet new deals. Statups are also getting deals-crazy. Deals-mania is widespread....from giants to startups!

Ultimately who will win? Those who are dealing directly the merchants or brands have higher probability of winning this race. Will technology underneath the site matter? It will, but the apps driven by technology but without a strong merchant base will fail. Investors are pouring money into this field. And course those with real innovation will be the leading ones in this competition of deals!

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  1. Right this has got potential. Just yest I read this article and came the news today that Google is to launch Groupon competitor