Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Should We Ask for Feedback Before Launching Product?

Have you ever wondered what would be more beneficial- directly getting your product to market or asking for feedback prior to launching it?

If you ask for feedback you are sure to get a mix of positive and negative stuff. You'll get to know third person view. This perspective is likely to be unbiased. Positive feedback will of course encourage you. If you are just getting yes for everything then may be no one is thinking at all since everyone won't think alike! Criticism will for sure help you to improve. It is upto you to decide what to pick to work upon. Any modification and change is likely to extend your time to market. You need to analyse well what feature will add how much value, implementing which there will be no side effects caused by delay in its launching. Not every feedback will be constructive, so be careful in selecting what to pick up.

Look at it from other angle, it will dawn to you that successful products have not gone through market survey before launching. They keep adding features as per user requirements. Some products do get unveiled in stages- from limited users as labs edition to open for all. Getting feedback prior to launch may leave you completely confused. Working on actual users' feedback will be more useful since it is a concrete thing that users want to have.

Going to market without prior feedback may lead to missing of a really useful and must add-on from your product. And yes most of the times you don't get a second chance to leave your first impression on others (exceptions include products from companies like Google which have huge fan following and keep visiting to check for newer versions)! The best way out I feel is discussing with those who might be prospective users of your product, keep some time reserved prior to going to market...this time gap should not be huge and no major changes to be undertaken. While you are developing the product discussing with few folks might prove useful. What is your say?

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