Monday, 17 January 2011

Time With Mentor

You make up your mind to have a business mentor and you've even got one. But just having chosen a mentor is not an end to the chapter of mentor-mentee. There might be situations where you feel that you need to have a word with your mentor to get his advice but he is not able to find time for you. A thought that is required before you choose a mentor is does he really have enough time for you! If he himself is busy with his business then having a mentor will hardly give you any advantage. On the contrary it also does not mean prioritising in choosing someone who has no other work than mentoring you ( you might get pissed of by his all time nose poking!!).

Right from the beginning of your business you should be utilizing your mentor's time in best way. Inviting him for a party to have time with together will rarely give you required result. The problem is shift of focus- from business to food and ambiance! Instead choose to meet at office or at some casual place. Know to extract the best from your mentor. Do not assume that you'll be given dose of advice as per your phase of entrepreneurial journey. It is just like any other learning, e.g. how you learn from a senior at job. From mentor's experience try to grasp what applies to you and choose your action step accordingly. If you are surrounded by some problem and need a way out be specific about it. Mentor should know your exact situation, so give him all due details. Open up your mind!

Finally most important to remember is you are responsible to taking business decisions and not your mentor. So never fall prey to the blame game of finger pointing with mentor. Ask again- does your mentor have enough time for you? Are you utilizing it in the best possible way?

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