Sunday, 27 February 2011

TechCruch Slides : An awesome app in the chrome web-store

Enjoy TechCrunch posts in a cool slideshow format. Its a packaged app and not just a link/bookmark!

Here is the link to download this app:
Here are some cool screenshots:

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Weekly Report (19-25 Feb 2011) syncing tool grabbed big amount in fourth round of funding. All your documents and any type of file you can keep on clound. You can sync your Google docs with Word, collaboration achieved at team level too....bigger dropbox coming up! TinyCo, the company behind popular TinyChef iPhone game got funded this week. Greengoose- a real world gaming platform snagged funds too. Zio Studios(, which is into 3D animation, mobile apps and video games got funded. It provides wireless sensors for various day to day activities which communicate with a base station. that rents textbooks got funded (Its no question return policy is impressive ;) ).

Disney acquired, a social networking site for kids. It is currently in beta. Parents can login using their Facebook login and create account for kids.

To talk about the new releases Delicious users have a good news. You can import your Delicious bookmarks to Google bookmarks. Facebook app Crush Notifier huge number of users; if the person you crush, crushes you too it will notify both via email.

Android users can now buy and download ebooks. Google ebookstore offers a wide range of choice of ebooks. Tiny Wings has become the top paid app in Apple app store in a short span of time since its launch! Now enjoy quick access to your most frequently visited sites using a toolbar in Chrome- Agile Toolbar. The toolbar appears only when you take the mouse at the top edge of the browser..enjoy shortcuts!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Quality- Whose Onus?

Developers are meant to code, testers to test and QA to verify that the SDLC processes are followed. After a successful software delivery there are many hands to share the credit. But a poor quality software.....totally an orphan. Who owns the responsibility?

If issue is reported in production environment which does replicate in development one, developers raise fingers at testers; testers should have caught this bug; testing was not proper! If it is performance related issue it falls in developers' bag. Prior to release testers try to increase the number of bugs found while developers fight to prove that they are not valid bugs. Will this tug of war give a quality product? Firing and replacing either of the teams is going to benefit?

Software quality....such an abstract thing during development/testing phase but highly important when the software runs live. It is one of the major factors in measuring the level of client satisfaction. Everyone involved in the process needs to go beyond their well-defined boundaries of work to achieve quality. Efficient code, unit testing, boundary conditions, capability to handle more traffic and much more should be taken care of by developers. Testing scope should be expanded from normal functionality verification to profiling and load testing.

Don't you think the sense of responsibility by everyone toward the baby called Quality will help deliver quality software?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tech Collage : Skinny App for TechCrunch

Tech Collage is the best way to overview as well as read TechCrunch posts. Here is the link to download:

Managing A Noncompliant Person

You must have come across a person who does not question during discussion. But while completing the task he does only what and how he wants to do it. Mind screams- why the hell can he not counter the point during discussion? It is difficult(in fact next to impossible) to find out answers of many such whys. So better not to try too hard to find out the reasoning, rather remember as an employer or manager that your responsibility is getting things done!

When the complete team shows such passive-aggressive behavior then it is a sign of preplanned resistance or opposition to some decision. You need to analyse what decision of yours might be against the interest of the team or natural inertia to change. If so revert the line of action or bring modification to it making it a win-win situation. It might be easier to control such behavior group as compared to one such single person (apparently contradictory..though true!!).

If you notice such noncompliant incidence talk to the person- was it the case of not understanding or not getting the context or forgotten the point. Lucky enough if either of this is true ;) Talk to him personally. Take care that the person does feel being mocked at. Mockery can lead to deliberate repetition of such incidences. Give another unbiased chance to him with a warning note of no repetition.

You'll observe that in some people this kind work nature is always present! Now comes the real challenge. Better work with him or see what is done from time to time. No surprises at the end of task!! Yourself or some other employee may not always be available or free enough to work in pair. Try giving tasks which are important from completion point of view and not how it is done. After all main target is getting the work done!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Weekly Report(12-18 Feb 2011)

Doxo that provides service for paperless billing raised $10million in Series B funding. Mobile Tag, specialist in 2D and 1D barcode marketing solutions, grabbed funds. Damballa provides protection against cyber threats for enterprise networks as well as service providers raised funding. Kaltura- the open source online video platform provider, secured heavy amount of funding. Intel Capital invested heavy amounts in six different companies and Kaltura is one of them! Virtue which provides tools to marketers of business of any size to utilize social media to the best secured funds. Catch- the provider for taking and synchronizing notes on Android and Apple devices, caught funding this week. We've still more on deals!! Campus Dibs got angel funded; it offers group deals. It has campus specific deals too. TuneUp grabbed some funds at the closure of its series C round. It provides the most popular plugin for iTunes, TuneUp. It provides music management and discovery tools. Should we expecting better cleanup of no/wrongly labeled tracks soon?

Motorola acquired 3LM, Three Laws Mobility which has enterprise solution for Android. Intel acquired Silicon Hive that provides parallel processing technology and multimedia solutions. Constant Contact bought social CRM Bantam Live. Collaboration is the key feature of its solutions. NordStorm which offers apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories and related items for one and all acquired HauteLook- it provides online and limited period sale events on top fashion brands. What a coincidence- both the sites are using Flash ;)

You lost Credit Card? Suspicious Charges? No Worries now. ClairMail's Fraud Solution can help you. It has rolled out a new product to help you in such troubles. On Chrome front you'll enjoy the real mix of TechCrunch posts- Tech Collage app! Google has made the developer preview of Chrome Web Store available in 16 countries now, previously it was US only.

FarmVille and CityVille company Zynga has become second most valued gaming company($10 billion), next to Activision Blizzard at the top.

After Apple announced a new subscription service for all publishers of content-based apps, we got to hear about more publisher friendly Google One Pass!

A mixed bag this week!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Friday, 11 February 2011

Weekly Report(5-11 Feb 2011)

A big and much in talk acquisition- AOL buys Huffington Post. TechCrunch takeover last year and now HuffPost looks like AOL is spreading its wings and especially building itself as a media company! Arianna Huffington will be heading and in charge of the content. AOL expecting something like StumbleUpon's traffic doubled in half a year after it got acquired by ebay?

Mobile location-aware apps for business as well as socializing developer company DoubleDutch got funding. FreeSpee which is the European leader in call tracking and pay per call solutions for the lead-gen industry has grabed funding... Advertisers to get better insights and analysis! Inveni, the movies and TV recommendation startup received funding. Glassdoor- contains company photos, salaries, reviews posted by users, raised good amount in its third round of funding (yes by reviews posted by employees; don't worry anonymity is maintained;) ). Bubbli, working on bringing the real world to flat web with cameras and augmented reality got funded. Interesting sketches' pics on their website as of now :) Meraki which provides wireless networks and access points that users can manage through web got funded....that too from Sequoia Capital(the capital behind hot-shots like Apple, Oracle and Cisco!).
Total mix in funding area this week, wow!

Chrome extension my6sense shows tweets as per your customized priority settings under a new tab in twitter is available in web store...My favorite for the week continues to be extension which lets you share your shortened using Google's shortener directly from the page!

Starbucks founder and CEO Schultz has invested in Starbucks and joined as a board of members.

Microsoft and Nokia announced partnership. Windows Phone 7, Bing search in Nokia services and Nokia OviMaps form the key strategies in the partnership...Symbian bye bye. MS Marketplace will have Nokia app store integrated with it. Eagerly waiting for some cool innovative outcome of this marriage! Steve and Stephen, listening?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

When All Think Alike...

...then may be no one is thinking at all! How often do you counter someone's point during a discussion? In few cases we've to add yes to our boss's yes just to avoid further discussions and arguments. Yeah nodding does help sometimes. But rest of the times we should be independent thinkers.

We are so much used to being told about what and how something is to be done that we forget to think on our own first. We directly get cracking at it. Not always that our thoughts will show us a better path but will definitely help us in understanding and getting clarity on things. Thinking of time being spent on thinking?? That is also fruitful; just that its fruit is abstract and cannot be measured directly.

It is good to have harmony, but right from the start of discussion can be a danger signal. It can hamper your business. Every human being is made different, has different experiences and of course thinks differently. So it will rarely be the occasion that all would have thought on same lines. Same thinking = not bringing innovation from every participating member. If this happens regularly analyse it. Folks would have got habituated to keeping their mouth shut because employer or senior executive strikes out upfront the point that is put forth. Give space to employees to think freely and express themselves openly. No opinion is rubbish or senseless. If a thought brought up does not appear valid for a context strike it out but with due explanation and respect to the person. 

Free thinking will make an ocean of ideas and innovation. So have you discovered the ocean?

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Weekly Report(29 Jan-4 Feb 2011)

Instagram, famous for its iPhone app got funding from Benchmark Capital. You can apply filter, modify the look and feel and send the your snaps to Facebook, Twitter or Flickr using Instagram.
Aria Systems is a provider of on-demand billing and subscription management solutions, its cloud billing platform is designed to help companies of all sizes and industries increase revenue. It raised a handsome money in its third round of funding.
Wanderfly- the travel recommendation site got funding. It asks for your preferred destination, vacation tenure, expenditure and start point; and gives you the suggested destinations, hotels there, flight options and of course pics of those places! Hipmunk- an advanced flight search site got funded this week. Wow, more and more apps are inspiring us to go on vacation ;)

Ads and ads smelling all around in acquisition space this week! Poynt- has location-based search app for mobiles, acquires go2 media- connects mobile publishers, local audiences and advertisers by location-based ads. Verve wireless, which leads in local mobile advertising acquires Deconstruct media, a mobile ad company. Another mobile ad (video ad though) Transpera is acquired by Tremor media- online video monetization and advertising company.
Manymoon, a free social productivity app that to ease oraganizing of business and get work done online- a top player in Google Apps Marketplace, is acquired by Salesforce. is acquired by AFCV Holdings. acquires the dating site

Tynt has launched four new tools- Tynt Content, Keywords, Social and Publisher API, which will give you detailed traffic data like what and where your content is being hit and search keywords bringing users to your content (I can visualize this as an expanded form of Google Analytics). Previously it was known as the copy-paste company since they had solutions to measure user engagement by implicitly tracking user behaviors such as copy/paste of publisher's content.

Japan's social gaming company DeNA's Mobbage-town gaming platform records a huge revenue.

Snapdeal- get exciting offers daily, came much in highlight this week after earlier Groupon and Google 'Offers'! It is said to have been launched in just 8 days!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Employee Employer Relationship

The topic mainly holds value for startups or small business where employer has direct interaction with the employees. In bigger organizations the well-defined policies, processes and hierarchical structure indirectly act as employer.

Maintaining this relation healthy is very crucial. If it is strong bond employees remain with the employer in al ups and downs of the organizations.  It can become a major factor for success or failure of the company. Employer should be open to consider others' views rather than imposing his own decisions. Even a single person who is not satisfied with the employer can cause a big wave of dissatisfaction among his colleagues. Outcome- unhealthy work environment, which is the breeding house of so many bacteria affecting mind!! Much of the problems will be averted if employer talks to such person in time. The root cause should be found out and work upon to reach a level of mutual understanding.

It is equally important that employer should be considerate (aggressive only when time demands, not always). Commonly encountered issue is taking everybody under the lens and keeping an eye on what is being done during office hours apart from work. Employer should limit himself on seeing whether goals are achieved and quality work is delivered in time as per plan. On the other hand employees should consider it as their moral responsibility to utilize office hours for productive work. They should abide by their commitments, work hard toward achieving them. Another issue usually noticed is employer gives work/technology related info which appears very lucrative while hiring staff. When gradually with time it dawns to employees that all those words and promises were void, they lose interest in work. It is best to give realistic info about the company/work while recruiting.

Have any suggestions to make employee-employer bond strong and the relation deeply rooted in trust?

This Gonna Crunch on Web Store...

Yeah I'm talking about Twuora Crunch, a Chrome extension, that is going to crunch on Chrome Web Store. Quora users will then realize how elite they are! :) It is a productive toolbar that appears at the top when you are on any of the Quora pages.

Quora login/home page will have only right part of it - CrunchBase Search.

Lets explore the features it provides:

1. It lets you browse context-based tweets.

While browsing questions/topics on Quora, this toolbar will display the same set of topics. You can click them and browse what people are tweeting about the respective topic on Twitter (without leaving the current Quora page). For example if you are reading answers for "What are some good ways to get new angel investors into the market?", you can browse real-time tweets on Angelsoft, Investing, Angel Investing, Angel Investors, Startups, Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs etc.

2. Apart from that you can also search in CrunchBase from the same ToolBar.

Here is the download link:

Loving it??

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

HTML5: Understanding @font-face

 @font-face {
  font-family: 'Droid Sans';
  src: url(Droid_Sans.ttf);

Here we have defined a new custom font-family with remote font file attached.
Now we can use this newly defined font as:
.modern_text {
  font-family: 'Droid Sans';
If you want to download some cool fonts, go to google font directory. It lets you browse all the fonts available via the Google Font API.

Also try this awesome font previewer screen to visualize how the custom fonts look like before you download:

So how do we load the custom fonts directly using google APIs? Add a new css link like this:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
Now use that font anywhere or everywhere
<p style="font-family: 'Inconsolata'">This Text looks different</p>