Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Employee Employer Relationship

The topic mainly holds value for startups or small business where employer has direct interaction with the employees. In bigger organizations the well-defined policies, processes and hierarchical structure indirectly act as employer.

Maintaining this relation healthy is very crucial. If it is strong bond employees remain with the employer in al ups and downs of the organizations.  It can become a major factor for success or failure of the company. Employer should be open to consider others' views rather than imposing his own decisions. Even a single person who is not satisfied with the employer can cause a big wave of dissatisfaction among his colleagues. Outcome- unhealthy work environment, which is the breeding house of so many bacteria affecting mind!! Much of the problems will be averted if employer talks to such person in time. The root cause should be found out and work upon to reach a level of mutual understanding.

It is equally important that employer should be considerate (aggressive only when time demands, not always). Commonly encountered issue is taking everybody under the lens and keeping an eye on what is being done during office hours apart from work. Employer should limit himself on seeing whether goals are achieved and quality work is delivered in time as per plan. On the other hand employees should consider it as their moral responsibility to utilize office hours for productive work. They should abide by their commitments, work hard toward achieving them. Another issue usually noticed is employer gives work/technology related info which appears very lucrative while hiring staff. When gradually with time it dawns to employees that all those words and promises were void, they lose interest in work. It is best to give realistic info about the company/work while recruiting.

Have any suggestions to make employee-employer bond strong and the relation deeply rooted in trust?

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