Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Managing A Noncompliant Person

You must have come across a person who does not question during discussion. But while completing the task he does only what and how he wants to do it. Mind screams- why the hell can he not counter the point during discussion? It is difficult(in fact next to impossible) to find out answers of many such whys. So better not to try too hard to find out the reasoning, rather remember as an employer or manager that your responsibility is getting things done!

When the complete team shows such passive-aggressive behavior then it is a sign of preplanned resistance or opposition to some decision. You need to analyse what decision of yours might be against the interest of the team or natural inertia to change. If so revert the line of action or bring modification to it making it a win-win situation. It might be easier to control such behavior group as compared to one such single person (apparently contradictory..though true!!).

If you notice such noncompliant incidence talk to the person- was it the case of not understanding or not getting the context or forgotten the point. Lucky enough if either of this is true ;) Talk to him personally. Take care that the person does feel being mocked at. Mockery can lead to deliberate repetition of such incidences. Give another unbiased chance to him with a warning note of no repetition.

You'll observe that in some people this kind work nature is always present! Now comes the real challenge. Better work with him or see what is done from time to time. No surprises at the end of task!! Yourself or some other employee may not always be available or free enough to work in pair. Try giving tasks which are important from completion point of view and not how it is done. After all main target is getting the work done!

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