Friday, 25 February 2011

Quality- Whose Onus?

Developers are meant to code, testers to test and QA to verify that the SDLC processes are followed. After a successful software delivery there are many hands to share the credit. But a poor quality software.....totally an orphan. Who owns the responsibility?

If issue is reported in production environment which does replicate in development one, developers raise fingers at testers; testers should have caught this bug; testing was not proper! If it is performance related issue it falls in developers' bag. Prior to release testers try to increase the number of bugs found while developers fight to prove that they are not valid bugs. Will this tug of war give a quality product? Firing and replacing either of the teams is going to benefit?

Software quality....such an abstract thing during development/testing phase but highly important when the software runs live. It is one of the major factors in measuring the level of client satisfaction. Everyone involved in the process needs to go beyond their well-defined boundaries of work to achieve quality. Efficient code, unit testing, boundary conditions, capability to handle more traffic and much more should be taken care of by developers. Testing scope should be expanded from normal functionality verification to profiling and load testing.

Don't you think the sense of responsibility by everyone toward the baby called Quality will help deliver quality software?

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