Thursday, 10 February 2011

When All Think Alike...

...then may be no one is thinking at all! How often do you counter someone's point during a discussion? In few cases we've to add yes to our boss's yes just to avoid further discussions and arguments. Yeah nodding does help sometimes. But rest of the times we should be independent thinkers.

We are so much used to being told about what and how something is to be done that we forget to think on our own first. We directly get cracking at it. Not always that our thoughts will show us a better path but will definitely help us in understanding and getting clarity on things. Thinking of time being spent on thinking?? That is also fruitful; just that its fruit is abstract and cannot be measured directly.

It is good to have harmony, but right from the start of discussion can be a danger signal. It can hamper your business. Every human being is made different, has different experiences and of course thinks differently. So it will rarely be the occasion that all would have thought on same lines. Same thinking = not bringing innovation from every participating member. If this happens regularly analyse it. Folks would have got habituated to keeping their mouth shut because employer or senior executive strikes out upfront the point that is put forth. Give space to employees to think freely and express themselves openly. No opinion is rubbish or senseless. If a thought brought up does not appear valid for a context strike it out but with due explanation and respect to the person. 

Free thinking will make an ocean of ideas and innovation. So have you discovered the ocean?

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