Thursday, 24 March 2011

Buzzwords- How Much and When to Use?

It definitely does magic sometimes. May be you don't even know something but its usage impresses audience. What is 'it'?? Buzzwords. Word of caution: Its overdose can annoy the audience and show void in you!

When you are new to the corporate world and a jargon falls on your ears you are bound to feel respect toward its user- 'This man has in depth knowledge and superb elocution'. As time passes you hear the jargon from everyone's mouth (even your HR using the same technical jargon! ..dumb struck?). Gradually you understand how much the person has real knowledge and how much is talk the talk.

There was a time when everyone right from director to lead was using OOTB. Think OOTB, do OOTB blah blah. In fact some context appeared invalid to me- how the hell is it about 'Out Of The Box' is a known methodology and we've to follow it, simple.(I'd started hating the word and also who ever used it!!) Too much of anything is really bad! 'Agile' is another such widely used word by anyone and everyone!!

You are in a common meeting, a meeting across all the teams and departments. If each one starts using buzzwords specific to their unit will the communication and hence meeting be 100% fruitful? May be most the times other teams have not been able to grasp the exact meaning. Possibility- a buzzword can mean something in your department while it can mean somthing different in other department. Just a possibility, possible right? Better use common language at common meetings.

Speech givers (rather speakers ;) ) limit the use of buzzwords in your speech....otherwise very soon your audience will start playing Buzzword Bingo!

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