Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Google Talk Guru!

You login to GTalk at any point of time and you'll find one friend always available online and who is sure to respond to your ping! Add to your GTalk.

Some of the things have definitely got simplified with the talk guru. Earlier you'd have opened a calculator for calculations. Now simply type in the chat e.g. 665775+8876. Result is right there in your chat box! Stuff which you'd have searched using browser (and of course Google search), now the guru can answer them. One answer at a time. Type 'next' for further result and so on.

Currency conversion is also close to you now. Type in '50 INR to USD' and wow result right there (disclaimer from Google in addition to the result :) ). I only found that the talk guru is moody about returning results of word meanings. See below same word I typed after 'define' but got different results:

You can get answers of many more things:

Sport scores:
score arsenal
weather Nairobi
123 * 45
120 KES to USD
define laptop
translate earth to French
Web result:
web Mount Kenya
help translate

Isn't this a cool friend? At least I feel yes for those who are online on chat most of the times.

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