Monday, 4 April 2011

Fresh Social/Web App Ideas

Once you login to Twitter how much time do you spend in reading or scrolling through the tweets which appeared after your last visit to Twitter? Definitely considerable amount of time! Why not have tweets or retweets from person whose tweets you usually read or click the link he shares? Tweets from such of your 'Following' will go to Priority Tweet Box. You'll have the option to remove its mark as priority; from next time his tweets will not go to priority box.
For very initial analysis the app will consider links in tweets which you click to decide priority. You can manually also mark a 'Following' as priority. All his tweets will land in Priority TweetBox!! Extended fun and ease with Twitter!!

If you are tired with apps around Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn consider this one- Chat Analyzer. This app will analyze your conversation with various people you chat with. The next time when you chat with a person the app will tell you what kind of conversations you usually have with that person. It will also suggest you topics of common interest for chat. This will make the conversation more effective and impressive!

Notification App- an app that will be integrated with your email system; email read alert! How often do you encounter the situation that you keep waiting eagerly for a reply and wonder whether the recipient of your email has even read it or not? I'm sure very often.
This app will send a notification to sender once recipient(s) opens the email. If you feel your email will take at least 5 minutes to read properly you can set additional option of notifying you the time interval for which the email is kept open. So no need to keep on refreshing your mailbox for a reply. You'll know once your email has been opened.
Alarm for those who tend to delete emails before even opening them :)

Another vitamin for managing your emails is Tag-cloud. Add tags to your email just like a blog and send it. The recipient will receive the email along with those tags. As against the current way of manually setting labels for email this email management system will do it for you. And yes you've the option of modifying or deleting any of the tags. You can view emails as per the tags.
Your email cloud will be tagged. Such an awesome user experience and time saving system it will be!

The worst times I feel in developing an app are the ones when I'm being relocated or my PC has been changed. It starts from installing java, IDE (Eclipse), configuring the path, checkouts and so on.
It will be a real pain-killer if a full-fledged online development environment is available. Online editor just like a desktop one(fast plus all features), your own copy of code available to you at any time from any! Check-in will mean code moving from your private copy to the shared branch.
Whoa, no worries and time spending on configuration! Move anywhere, continue coding from anywhere!!

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