Friday, 8 April 2011

Open Compute Project

Facebook launching something...ever thought it could be hardware related? To everyone's surprise yes, it released the specs of Open Compute project. They were working on it for about a year. The data center is built with all new designs as against the traditional infrastructure. For the first version of the new technology Facebook worked with some of the hardware leaders Intel and AMD, and further they'll be working with Rackspace, Dell, HP, Skype etc.

The servers are 38% more efficient than conventional ones from energy consumption perspective, and 24% less expensive. The Power usage Effectiveness is 1.07, which means that not huge amount of energy is consumed by equipments other than actual computing ones! There are no centralized coolers. Ethernet-powered LED lights are being used.

Most interesting part comes as being released as 'open' project (till now we were familiar with only open source!!). All the designs and technical specifications can be found at . Here are a few enchanting pics of the PrineVille data center.

Servers at Data Center

'Triplet' Racks

System for Cooling & Humidifying

Lets hope to experience Earth to be a cooler place!

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