Friday, 8 July 2011

Monthly Report(5th June-7th July 2011)

Missed writing weekly tech reports for about a month. I just happened to get involved in some other interesting stuff like bringing my passive vocab into my functional dictionary. So thought of writing this tech report for a month, covering major happenings.

I felt it was a Google month! Google Plus was released. You can now think of your social network as actual set, its subsets and intersection. You can simply manage your various Circles, can also share pics with all or specified circles using Instant Upload.Hangouts provide you live chat. You can join in a hangout of a circle you are involved in. Similarly you can use Huddle as a way to group chatting. Now you've got a way to tell what your interests are. Search in Sparks and save it as your interest. As and when you like you can check out updates related to your interests.

Google+ bar, a black navigation bar, has started appearing on top of google pages. +You is your shortcut for Google Plus. You can also have a quick access to various Google apps from here.

Gmail has also come up with new features. There are new themes. You can choose 'Preview' or 'Preview(Dense)' themes for a very neat and clean look and feel(since not used to such a great deal of cleanliness, I'm not opting for this!). Of course you can create your own theme too.

In acquisition area too, Google made its move. Admeld entered into an agreement to be acquired by Google. Admeld provides expertise and technology to help to business publishers interact with buyers, sell smarter, and maximizing access to demand.
GoDaddy, the God and Dad of domain names registry, has been sold for $2.25 billion to group of firms consisting KKR & Co., Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures. GoDaddy is managing about 50 million domain names and millions of users! In the past few years it also grew largely in web hosting, eCommerce and related services.  Btw I'm pretty impressed with the blog of GoDaddy's founder cum CEO!
MySpace, the social entertainment and online media platform will have a shift of its parent company. News Corp. is in the final stages of selling the social network(not-so-great doing presently) to Specific Media. Specific Media is an interactive media company that enables advertisers to connect with their customers in useful and relevant ways.
eBay acquired Zong, with which you can pay for purchases with your mobile phone number. This is definitely going to strengthen PayPal. About a month ago eBay had announced buying of Magento, the eCommerce platform. Now Magento will form the kernel of open commerce platform- 'X.Commerce.'
Twitter acquired BackType, the social media analytics company. Its product 'BackTweets' helps publishers to understand where all their tweets reach and how those tweets covert to web traffic, sales and other KPIs.

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