Thursday, 27 October 2011

JAXB Maven Plugin

It is used to generate Java classes from XML Schema (XSD). If you are using Maven, generating Java classes is very easy. Here is what you need to do: Add the following dependencies:

and then add the following under the build section in pom.xml:

Please note that -XtoString, -Xequals, -XhashCode etc are the arguments passed to the XJC compiler which override the toString(), equals() and hashCode() methods respectively of the generated classes. schemaDirectory : The location to your XSDs. generateDirectory : Generated code will be placed under this package.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Exploring Deals Market in India

There are leaders in Indian online deals market like Snapdeal, DealsandYou, Mydala, SoSasta, GOAT and LivingSocial. Some more major players are KhojGuru, Dealivore, Koovs, OffersforShoppers, BagitToday and Timesdeal.

Giants are taking dives into the sea of group buying or discount services with their own variants. Rediff joined the already jam-packed Indian daily deals market lately ( This news comes concomittantly when the web giants, Google and Facebook, announced their entry into this territory with Offers ( and Deals ( respectively. Other global giants present are Yahoo (, MSN ( and eBay (

The entry of such international big companies in Indian deals arena clearly shows that this business is burgeoning rapidly in India. So going to the core of it, why deals are working in India? They have especially immense response in the larger cities like Mumbai. People have got acquainted with using services like spa or restaurant. Redemption rate of coupons is seen to be high on such services. Going to resorts for outing, for a day or two has also become very common. If such resorts offer heavy discounts in off-season, they are definitely making money at no loss.

Some sites offer buying in group. When minimum number of purchases are being made then only the discount holds valid. This encourages you to provoke like-minded ones from your network to buy that. Indirectly you are marketing for a service or product. Sometimes you do this for free (because you want to avail the heavy discount for yourself) while sometimes the site pays you. You bring referrals and you get further discount or a fixed amount incentive! Win-win situation. Group buying is highly popular amongst youths.

These days people in India are also equally crazy about branded items. There is enough margin in branded items to offer them at considerable discount rates. From the merchant's side too these deals are profitable. The merchandise is being bought in bulk, so he can easily afford to give bulky discounts. Or the second is his merchandise is being sold in off-season. For sure the deals' site which has direct dealing with the manufacturers can offer the best and hence can attract maximum online customers.

I think it is the right time to enter into this business in India. As it is still in its infancy, business-owners have umpteen opportunities to make most out of it as well to expand their business.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Monthly Report(September 2011)

Peak Games is a fast growing social gaming company in Turkey and Middle East and North Africa and one of top 10 players in all. It raised $11.5 million in next round of funding which will be used for market expansion, additional game studio acquisitions, hiring, and user acquisition.
Blekko, which provides a clean search engine mechanism by use of slashtags, nabbed a funding of $30 million. This has added a big investor to their list- Yandex, a leading Russian internet company.
FirstFuel (earlier iblogix Inc.), the company providing software to track the energy consumption and savings, got $2.4 million in first round of funding. The funds will be utilized to expand its Rapid Building Assessment(RBA) platform.
Company providing high quality video conference facility, Vidyo, raised $22.5 million in series D funding round.
NoSQL is budding fast and we can expect more enhancements in the same. This is very clear from the fact that DataStax, commercial leader in Apache Cassandra, snagged $11 million funding in second round.
Opera Solutions, provider of Big Data analytics solutions, received $84 million. It is already a partner of Google in Cloud Transformation Program where analytics solutions will be on top of Google's IaaS offerings.
Lookout Mobile Security grabbed $40 million funding. It provides powerful solutions to stop malware, phishing, loss and theft.
Zimride received $6 million in series A funding round. Its blog tells in interesting way "we spend way too much time getting from point A to point B, often alone," adding to it, "Everyone should have the opportunity to travel, and no one should have to travel alone."
InMobi, the mobile ad network company, got whopping $200 million from SoftBank Corp. InMobi is back in back in picture this year, earlier for its partnership with Cooliris for iPad ads.

Seamless, the online food ordering company, has acquired Menupages. On Seamless you can browse menus, rate as well as read reviews of restaurants of a location. MenuPages holds a huge up-to-date data of restaurants, menus and pricing. Looks like a perfect win-win situation for both!
Deals are back in picture now. Rearden Commerce, an e-commerce company raised $133 million and acquired daily deals site HomeRun.
Twitter acquired Julpan- Julpan analyzes the way people share information on the social web. From this data, we are able to understand and follow the most popular topics and track the highest quality content.
Glam Media, which brings brand advertisers online and makes their online marketing spending effective, has acquired Ning. Ning is a large provider of service to create social networking websites.
Walmart has acquired OneRiot, which has developed "Social Targeting Engine" used in its mobile ad campaigns. OneRiot team will join WalmartLabs and develop new models for e-commerce integrating social, mobile and retail features.
Broadcom Corporation, a big name in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications acquired NetLogic Microsystems, provider of  high-performance intelligent semiconductor solutions and on forefront in multi-core embedded processor solutions.
Google acquired Zave Networks- it provides fully digital incentive programs like coupons and loyalty rewards.

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