Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I've got quite large number of apps functional by now. For many of them I discuss enhancements with my colleagues often. Most of the times outcome of such productive discussions- some escape my memory while some get jotted down in spreadsheet (Thankfully I never forget bug fixes!). I know spreadsheet is not a very decent way of managing change requests. There are many tools like Jira which I've already used them at some or the other point of time in work. But then my tasks get surrounded more with tools rather than main activity- like one for source control, one for change management, one for test management and so on. First and foremost step here comes is installation and setup. Still I'll say okay for this. But if a developer working with me is new to any of these tools, much of his time is spent in getting familiar with them.

Very recently I've come across an awesome software which fulfills my requirement...and in fact of any company which cannot afford outsourcing its maintenance tasks. It is BootStrapToday . Name itself is intuitive. It is a smart Application Lifecycle Management platform on SaaS model. Anyone can just BootStrap a project in no time, no download and no installation! Automation part in this is based on activity log. Its intelligence can identify critical files or resources. It can identify contributions from different developers in the team. Suppose a new team member joins and he is assigned a ticket and he modifies a critical file while fixing bug. Then system can automatically create a review ticket and assign it to someone most familiar with the file. In short the intelligent automation will help software teams identify the bugs earlier and save huge cost in the project.
BootStrapToday is my choice....what is yours?

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