Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Java Populars Crossed 20K!

Finally overcoming the 'nervous nineteen thousands', the Chrome extension Java Populars has 20K+ active users! And yes, it has also maintained its 5 star rating!! Thanks to all the users.

Since last few months I daily used to visit Java Populars page at least once a day....with high hopes of crossing the benchmark of 20K. I recently added a task to my ToDo list- adding promotional banners to all my extensions. I'd been planning to add them since long but kept on postponing it. And I could see very clearly that banner was the magical wand! Within a few days after adding banner, the number of users crossed this milestone. So there I learn a lesson- not to ignore such tasks, in fact take them to higher priority.

For those Java folks who have not yet tried this extension yet, here is the link:

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