Monday, 18 June 2012

Repeated Mistakes

Sometimes I learn things by difficult ways. Reason- I ignore/skip a step....that step is seemingly undue, unimportant. I've been preparing images and promotional banners since long. Many a times the thought of jotting down the font and size of text that I put in an image had invaded my mind. Every time I thought 'next time, not now'. Even while preparing cover page of my ebook, I skipped writing notes about font details. My laziness-cum-ignorance slapped me hard when I'd to prepare cover image for printed version of the same ebook of mine. I could neither recollect the font nor could I find a perfect match by trying various fonts. I was relieved to find an online app which tells us font from the uploaded image. I did upload the cover image of ebook. But since different texts were styled differently, the app couldn't give me any result :(

Lesson- Now every time I work with images, I take no time to create a notes.txt file in the same folder. A consciously adopted habit! It reminds me of the saying that we were being told during childhood days (Just extracting the gist, I'm not good at translating anything from my mothertongue to English;) )- 'Punish by beating with a rod and intelligence comes in bulk'!!

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