Saturday, 14 July 2012

Software Illness

Every time when I watch the popular TV program 'Satyamev Jayate', I start thinking what might be the issue that could be raised in next episode. This time my mind thought rather differently. It came up what issue  should be raised- 'Illnesses of Indian Software Industry'. Yes there are many, I feel. I'll group them together and refer collectively as software illness.

First of all, we are very bad at following timings. We neither come on time nor leave the office on time. A wrong concept is flourishing in our software industry that those who leave office early or in time, are not sincere at work. This misconcept needs to be cured by the pill of looking at productivity instead of time spent in office. As long as deadlines are met and tasks are completed within time, sitting for longer hours in office should be discouraged. Another illness is one of the culprits behind the above issue- we are driven by managers and not by leaders.

Software is considered to be a job-open field by candidates and as an elite one by parents. This makes many folks opt for software related education and thereafter job. Choice and liking is nowhere taken into consideration. This has led to tremendous mediocrity in our software industry.

A rule of thumb to measure one's success in software career is to look at his onsite abroad assignments. If you don't have any onsite in your CV, janata considers you to be a failure! Another point in rule-book of people states that working with big software brand means you are good. Working with smaller companies is thought of as you are 'not able to fetch a good job'. So a combination of both these things means utter failure!!

I wish we get rid of software illness and make it healthy asap!

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  1. Agreed. Above needs to be looked into on urgent basis. People are getting heavily impacted because of few poor folks.