Sunday, 20 April 2014

AnswerReader : An Awesome App in the Making!

AnswerReader is a powerful app to organize and customize Quora, providing a friendly experience.
AnswerReader acts as a single interface for performing various activities. Using Quora from a browser will most likely result in multiple browser tabs being opened. AnswerReader provides a multi-column view of Quora. User can save which all topics he wants in those columns. These saved topics appear as per their order, until the user doesn't remove or change them. User need not set them every time he uses AnswerReader. Any of the columns can be scrolled to main readable area by simply clicking on the topic name in the left navigation panel. AnswerReader provides quick access to most of the profile related info like stats and credits.
  • Create a customized Quora view: Manage columns, shortcuts and much more- all in one app.
  • Boost Productivity: No need to save every time what you want to see in the AnswerReader columns.
  • All in one interface: Manage answers, comments, replies, upvotes, drafts ,posts.
  • Stay Focused: Never miss out anything related to the topic you are most interested in.
  • Multiple Shortcuts: Shortcuts without leaving main page. Get rid of opening multiple browser tabs.
  • Follow without actually following: Keep track of activities of a topic or question even without following it in Quora.
  • Manage What or Whom to Follow: Follow or unfollow question, topic or person.
  • Become a Power User: Everything that you can do on Quora plus ease and multi-column view.
Download from Chrome Web Store: 
AnswerReader is an open source project. Fork it on GitHub:
Note: This tool is under active development. A lot of new features are coming soon.

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