Saturday, 24 May 2014

Top open source projects in Java

Here is what GitHub says (I am surprised to see Spring at #10):

Friday, 9 May 2014

Strategy Guide to Entering into Freelancing

I attended my engineering college's alumni meet last week. Many juniors approached me to know about what needs to be done to work as a freelancer, how to get projects and much more. Even students had these questions. So I'm jotting down some important points to pitch into the competitive field of freelancing and excelling in it. 

Create a profile which is accessible on net

LinkedIn is presently a widely professional networking site. Create a profile and keep it updated. The key features of portfolio should be- summary, experience (projects/paper presentations/technical competitions/conferences) and academic details. Recommendations and endorsements are added advantages.

Create a project/app- should be published on app engine or any of the web stores  

If one is interested in mobile applications development, develop and publish the app on respective store- Andriod or iOS. Similarly for web apps. Also publish the source code on github to showcase coding skills.

Register yourself on freelancing websites

There are multiple websites where one can bid for projects. Some of them are Elance or Freelancer.
Add summary of the points listed and worked upon in the profile. One needs to keep an eye on which projects he is interested or well-versed at. Look for suitable project and apply.

Participate in networking activities

Groups conduct regular meetups. Attending those meetups will help to build social network. Folks belonging to either side of need attend them- those who have projects and want to outsource and the ones who want to get projects to work upon. Try for getting projects from people within network.

Participate in design/development/data sciences contests

Various competitions are held at different levels- local, national, international. These competitions give us a close look at real world problems and getting a solution. Also, we learn to think from problem analysis till getting a working solution.

Contribute to some existing open-source projects

To begin with, add a few projects(usually the apps which you use often) to watch list and raise bugs/issues. Next step is suggesting features for the app.